At Tanay

Weeks ago, I went to Tanay with my dad; Tanay Adventure Camp to be exact. And of course, as always, I again took pictures.

I will say no more and just let you see the photos I've taken. Hopefully you can see the mesmerizing sceneries I saw!

A peculiar tree that I saw! 

The tree has weird leaves!

Some random girl zip line-ing! 

The next time I go back, I will definitely try the zip line!

Took this random picture while waiting for lunch!

After eating lunch, my dad did his work and I, just took pictures!

When my dad was done with his work, it was time for us to go home.

The next few pictures you'll see are blurry, for the reason that I took the photos inside a fast car.

Sunset again!
Bye Mr. Sun!

This image is my favorite among the rest because it just looks dramatic! (left)

Going to Tanay was worth it! The hours of sitting definitely paid off!



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