II Sunset

16th of October, my dad's friend's airsoft range (which is on the third floor of some building) made its premier. Of course, I had to take pictures! And. I.  Did. 

After taking an undeniably huge amount of images, I got exhausted! Good thing the event was done when I got really tired. So while my dad was still talking to his friend I strolled around the building . . .

I climbed, and climbed the stairs until I reached the terrace. While I was standing, I saw such a great view! My tiredness momentarily went away because of the view, I, then immediately took my camera out of my bag and saved the wonderful scenery on my camera.

Without further adieu . . . I present to you a set of wonderful sceneries! 

The sun is still up in this picture! (up)
Slowly going down. (up)
Bye sun! (up)
October 16 was only the second time I saw a live setting of the sun; that's why I am still getting amazed every time I see one! 

How great is the One who made the sun!



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