Drive A Bicycle

Last week I got a present from my dad, a bicycle! And of course, I wanted to drive it--immediately! I did and had so much fun! In my past article (Ride A Bicycle), I said that I've learned everything I needed; I did but I still needed practice. Needed to practice my turning to the left, right and u-turns in particular.
On Wednesday night, I was still not good with turning, but when I was getting the hang of it . . .
My bike got flat. Guess it was time for me to sleep so I did! When I woke up the next day, my bike was gone . . .  Not that it's lost, stolen or anything; my dad just got it fixed! Later, in the afternoon it came!

So, I biked again, and mastered turning!I biked, and biked, and biked.
 Fun. Fun. Fun! 

Saturday came, and the raining didn't stop. I really wanted to bike but since it was raining, I knew it wasn't time . . . but unexpectedly, my dad asked me if I wanted to; and of course, I said yessss! 

My dad and I then went outside and biked! We biked around the streets, feeling the cold breeze and raindrops!
Had much fun doing it! One of the best things I've done, ever! 
I have a lot of "one of the best things I've done", though!

P.S. Is this what you call Photo Journaling?
 P.P.S. Do you have a "one of the best things I've done"?



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