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Hello! Before my summer vacation ends . . . do I even have one? 

Before my cousin's summer vacation ends, she wanted to leisurely ride a bicycle. So, my mother volunteered to come with her to the park since her mom wasn't available. And of course, I have to come with them. 

Since I didn't know how to bike, my cousin told me that she'll teach me. Yea, I am thirteen years of age and I do not know how to bike. At first, I plan to just sit on a bench and read a book. But since we went to the park in the evening, I have got no choice. 

After we rent two bikes she taught me how; surprisingly it was easy . . . to sit on a bike. Pedaling a bike is easy too . . . but after I pedal it once I fall to a side; good thing I can immediately put my foot on the ground and not totally fall. 

After a while of pedaling once then fall, I got to pedal the bike thrice, without falling! Then, I could no longer do it again. My father then told my cousin that she can get her bike. 

So I was left alone. 

Well, I think practicing by myself helped because I got to pedal it a lot of times. And my cousin applauded me for that. Just when I thought I know how to bike . . . there was one more problem. I didn't know how to turn left nor right. Uh oh. Well, as I bike longer and longer it came naturally and I learned how to turn. Yipee!

After twelve minutes of learning how to bike, I learned all the things that I had to learn. My cousin and I then went to the track. We went faster and faster. Free! I finally know how to bike. My cousin actually told me that I was easy to teach.

I would like to be honest. My feet got overly muddy, and dirty before I learned how to bike. In addition I got a wound at the back of my leg too, but it's just a minor wound and actually it's gone. Not totally, though, I still have a scab.

I would like to thank my cousin for teaching me how. And my father because he gave me some helpful tips!

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