"Well Done Good & Faithful"

Once upon a time . . . 
in the Book of the King it was said that . . . 

A Dragon will rule fleetingly and those who serve the TRUE King will be persecuted . . . verbally, mentally and physically. 

The Dragon will rule with a white robe but do not give in, for he is only in disguise. Analyze his words and you will know. 

The Dragon will try to extinguish those who serve the True King, thus, the King's servants must not be troubled for He will be with His loyal followers  every moment. 

Though it may not seem like it, the King's loyal followers must trust in Him for every hardship they will experience is a test; and if they pass, a reward so great will be upon them.

For The King is fair, and He wants to see how loyal they are to him. He wants know if they are willing to sacrifice everything to Him, even if it is tough.

True followers of the King will be wise enough to be willing to receive hardships  but beyond-great reward after! But the others will rather receive momentarily comfort  but don't know what lies ahead.

They must Prepare and keep watch, for the happenings will be like a thief in the night; read the Book of the King to be prepared, to know what is to come. 

It will be hard for the King's followers, yes, but they must think of the reward after and what the King will be saying, "Well done, good and faithful servants!"

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