Malacañan Palace

Status:Totally prolonged!

Thursday, July 26, 2012, Homeschoolers went to Malacañan Palace. Here are some shots I've captured while we were having a tour.

If there's one thing I truly liked in the Palace . . . it's their chandeliers! 

Who wouldn't love them?

This room belongs to Philippines' 2nd president, Manuel Quezon! (right)

A picture of former pres. Quezon with his family! (right)

This is the original (I don't know if it's only a replica) Noli Me Tangere (left)

And El Filibusterismo (right)

These are obviously some remnants during the american colonization 

Philippine flags before . . . (left)

Current Philippine flag! (right)

Don't know which one is Lapu-lapu

and Magellan.

See the double G? The double G means: Governors and Generals, meaning the people who sit there are Governors and Generals! (left)



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