Quick Update: My Readings (Books)

Holla! A quick update about my readings and other things related to reading. 

   First of all I just finished reading "P.O.D.: The Nexus", Click Here to see my review! And here's the introduction! 

P.O.D. are talented musicians, but not many people know that they also have superpowers, which come in handy when an alien invasion starts laying waste to cities around the world. As the four friends try their best to confront the invaders they also start to pick up clues about finding the mysterious 'chosen one'. 

   I also got a R.O.B. Us ticket! Message me to know what it means! Click Here  to message me! 

   The R.O.B. Us event is an exciting event if you love Sales, Books and Book Sales! 

The Giveaway
The Prize! 
   I also joined a book giveaway and luckily I won! The prize (Book) is "The Forgiven Duke" by Jamie Carie, it's the second book of the "Forgotten Castle" series. 

   I do not have the first book, though. So, how am I going to get the story? Bummer. But I am grateful that I won! 

   Click Here to go to the blog where I won the giveaway! There are a lot more giveaways to come!

   Last, and certainly not the least . . . I joined a contest where you get to write a story about why reading is an adventure! Still no results yet, though. But to see my entry Click Here! The title is "At the Fingertips"

The host of the contest is OMF Literature.

My Currently reading list . . .
  • The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (I have stopped reading this, though)
My Just Read list . . .
  • P.O.D.: The Nexus 
  • Manga Messengers 
  • Manga Melech (Not really "Just Read," I just need a book to put in)
My To Read list . . .
  • Showdown by Ted Dekker
  • The Guardian Duke (I hope)
  • The Forgiven Duke
  • The Dopple Ganger Chronicles Vol. 3: The Great Mogul Diamond 


  1. Do you want to borrow my The Guardian Duke ? :-) Just let me know. ;)

  2. Sure, I'll bring it when we meet. :)



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