R.O.B. Us (Raid Our Bookshop: Ultimate Sale)

Before this article I posted about the ROB Us Contest. Here's what a ROB Us pass or ticket is for . . . 

"What is the ROB Us pass for? Present this pass at any OMF Lit Bookshop on June 8 and for only P550, you   get a ROBber’s bag. Stuff it with all the books you want from our special pile! As long as they fit the bag, you   pay only P550."

And today I just Robbed OMF Literature, Il Terrazzo! My brother and my mom helped me pick books, and my brother helped me suck-those-books-in! 

We've robbed 33 books, and most of them are for giveaways! We'll giveaway some to my relatives, my mom and my brother's friends, etc . . . What a fun, fun day has it been! 

This is the first time I've joined something like this, actually; and I enjoyed it! 

Do you think you have missed the fun, and can't join anymore? Well, OMF Lit still has a sale tomorrow, June 9, till the 27th! Low books prices, 20-30% discounts and only 95php on selected fiction and other books! Exciting! Right? Till next time! *winks*


  1. What?! 33 books for only P550? @-) That's awesome!

    1. Yup! That's why it's called "ROB Us" (Raid Our Bookshop: ULTIMATE SALE)!!! The total price of the books we've robbed was worth 3000php! Cool, right!?



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