OMF Lit Book Adventure Short Story Contest

Photo taken by Dan Galman
When I was little, my Lolo read me this book I barely remember. He told me that once a month he reads it, for the reason that it was genuinely important to him.

Well, as time passed by, his eyesight was getting blurry. One morning I visited my Lolo . . . When I opened the door of his room, I saw him. He didn't notice me, though. I just stared at him; he was holding a book but it was still closed. He just stared at it helplessly because he couldn't read it.

To break the silence I asked him if he wanted me to read the book. My Lolo just nodded. Good thing he could still slightly see the words; but he told me that he had a hard time reading it. Just a few seconds later I sat beside him, he pointed at a paragraph; a signal that I should read it. So I did.

“A thirteen year-old guy had to work because his father wasn't earning enough and he had six siblings to feed. He was clever; he made candies and sold them. Few years later, he got a job at a motor company. He didn't finish elementary but since he was determined and teachable, he got the job.”

At my Lolo's fingertips, the scene in the book became alive as if I was watching a movie.

I got more and more excited to read to him and found out what's next.  “The young man fell in love with a modest woman.  She was a beautiful teacher. Among the many men courting her, which included a doctor, this young man was able to win the woman's heart.  A poor, undergraduate, lightly esteemed guy had striven harder to prove his love for her.”

“More years later, they were able to build a happy home with four children as well as fondest memories together. Sadly, his wife's existence came to an end. However, he had overcome the grief with the help of  his very supportive children and loving grandchildren.”

After I read the book to my Lolo, I told him that the guy's adventure in the book was very nice and inspiring. He half-smiled and took the book and wrote something on the blank page. He pointed at the new paragraph he wrote and it read, “Today, my grandson read the entire story of my life; surprisingly he said it was inspiring.” While reading it, I was so surprised and curious. Surprised that it was my grandfather's story I was reading and curious why it didn't come to life; then I realized that it already had.
this is an official entry to the OMF Lit contest (Adventure Short Story Contest) 


  1. Your blog is awesome Dan! Keep writing... Share your knowledge and talent to us!

  2. awesome and very inspiring...nice picture..looking forward to read your next story..God bless!=)

  3. Nice job Dan ! It really captures the readers interest! It was really amazing ! Loved the picture it really fitted the article well ! More power God bless !




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