Book Review: Manga Messengers

What a coincidence! Manga Messengers is about the Kings and in the Bible I'm reading 2 Kings

The Good: What I like about the book is, it explains and it shows you the things you scarcely understand in the Bible; like how Judah looked like, how the temple looked like, and other stuffs.

I would like to make it clear that Manga Messengers and the whole Manga Messiah Series are not meant to replace the Bible. The Bible shows more than the series, the Bible explains more than the series. I think that the Manga Messiah Series only takes the highlights of the Bible.

The Bad: If there are things that this book explains, there are also things that this book can't explain that only the Bible can; like: in the Bible, every king's accomplishments were individually explained, sadly Manga messengers didn't completely introduce all the kings in all Israel and Judah.

My Review: I must say that Manga Messengers is the one I liked among the others. Even though, it is still not perfect.

I like what they did; what they did was they put the prophets' stories in between of 1 Kings to 2 Kings and when they did that they minimized the page-count but it didn't seem rushed.

Another thing that I like is they authentically and visually defined the whole Kings. The whole book, in fact.

Personally, I didn't much understand 1 Kings to 2 Kings with all the kings' names. I really got confused, but here, now I know! 

The last thing that I honestly and really liked was, the whole book's still pointing at the main reason the Old and the New Testament was written.

If I could change three things:

  1. Actually, I don't want to change anything.
  2. ***
  3. ***

My Rating: 4.0 ★★★★

Q: Where to buy them? 
A: OMF Literature and other Christian Bookstores.

I would like to apologize. When I said that, "I didn't like Manga Melech because it was fast paced." I would like to clarify that it's really meant to be fast paced. I saw the description of this book and it says: 

Description: Manga Messengers is a biblically accurate retelling of the prophets—the life of King David to the end of Malachi. These stories from the Bible are presented in the authentic Japanese Manga style. This 5th book of the series to release combines cutting-edge illustration with fast-paced storytelling to deliver biblical truths in a compelling package to an ever-changing, postmodern culture.

Though it is fast paced, I still believe that the story of Moses in Manga Melech deserves to be longer. 
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