Book Review: Manga Melech

The Good: What I like about the book is, it explains and it shows you the things you can't understand in the Bible; like how the altars looked like, how they offered sacrifices, etc. personally when I read the part of Moses in the Bible, there were some parts that I didn't understand like how they offered sacrifices as I said earlier and I like that in Manga Melech it's somehow explained.

I would like to make it clear that Manga Melech and the whole Manga Messiah Series are not meant to replace the Bible. The Bible shows more than the series, the Bible explains more than the series. I think that the Manga Messiah Series only takes the highlights of the Bible.

The Bad: The book is kind of rushed, especially Moses' story (Exodus - Deuteronomy). The story of Moses is I think should be the longest, or the one that needs to be explained the most in the book. But it wasn't.

My Review: I really recommend Manga Melech. Since I'm a visual person, I enjoy reading books with a lot of pictures. Though some parts you'll realize that they're going too fast. Well, I guess you can't put the whole story from Moses to David in a book with less than three hundred pages.

The story of Moses was short in Manga Melech, however,  David's story was not that fast paced nor slow paced. Therefore,  the story of David is the one I liked better.

If I could change two things: 

  1. I want Moses' story longer.
  2. I want the other stories to be longer.

My Rating: 3.5 ½

Q: Where to buy them? 
A: OMF Literature and other Christian Bookstores.

I would like to apologize. When I said that, "I didn't like Manga Melech because it was fast paced." I would like to clarify that it's really meant to be fast paced. I saw the description of this book and it says: 

MANGA MELECH continues the drama of Abraham’s descendants right where MUTINYleaves off.

This is a Biblically accurate Manga retelling of Bible stories beginning with entry into the Promised Land through the rule of King David. This book, fourth in the  Manga line, combines cutting-edge authentic Japanese Manga style with fast-paced storytelling to deliver Biblical truths in a compelling package to an ever changing, post-modern culture. 

Though it is fast paced, I still believe that the story of Moses in Manga Melech deserves to be longer. 

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