MY HOMEWORK: Autobiography & Gerunds

Hi I am Dan Galman, I am thirteen years old, homeschooled, and I am proud of it. I am into blogging and writing. Actually, I am writing a novel galvanized by my grandfather's childhood. I am also into photography. I am still learning, though. But I really enjoy taking photographs of animals, sceneries and most especially people.
Sample shots
The actual size is bigger. I only made the pictures smaller due to copyright issues.
One of my avocations are reading, I read when I am companionless, when I want to be companionless or whenever I want to unwind. When I read I experience luxury, gusto, anything you want to label it as long as it means relaxing. I also go to a different world; and that is why I genuinely adore reading. It makes me forget about anything and everything for awhile.

Besides reading I draw and sketch. I draw a lot more before than these days, though. When I was still young our house was filled with my random drawings of animals, sceneries, Woody, SpongeBob, Patrick (Yes I am a fan of Woody, SpongeBob, Patrick and everything in between),  and a lot of portraits. But now I seldom draw the traditional way because a year or two ago I have found a new hobby that is still related to sketching and drawing and it is drawing and editing photos on the computer. I am actually illustrating a children's book with my fellow school mate.
In short I have a lot of activities I draw, play, I study, do computer, write, blog, take photographs, read and do everything that is in between!

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