the "Twistingly Delicious" snack is back!

How's everyone, after the heavy rains? Wherever you guys are, I hope you all are safe!

Since I really, really want to post somethingbut my fingers appall right after I type my salutations, and also I haven't been using the computer much—I'll just talk about nonsense! 

Have you guys ate McDonald's Twister Fries? It's back and I'm very glad! And this year, I have found an interesting way of eating it . . . and it is by dipping it to their sundae!

No doubt twister fries are kind of--or really--salty; but by dipping it to McDonald's Chocolate Hot Fudge, the saltiness gets compensated and together they create a new wonderful taste (Wow, I feel like the mouse in Ratatouille)

Sadly, McDonald's Twister Fries are not for long, they will leave--soon. So, I'm going to make the most out of the time!
source: Google Images
P.S. ate my 8th yesterday! YUM! 

P.P.S. I need my sources of inspirations back! 

Check out the new cloud above this post! :)



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