Thank You!

It's usual for me to buy a book or two once a month. It was usual for me to eat food that tastes good—but still complain. It was usual for me to hate studying for all it causes me is distress. It was usual for me to grumble for the reason that I cannot find my stuff. 

But when I enter and buy a book in a bookstore, then go out to the streets and see children—children who don't know what reading is . . .

When I eat food and grumble because I want to eat something else, then see children who would rejoice their hearts out when you give them a small sundae cone . . .

When I get tired of studying and tell myself that I don't want to study anymore, then see children in the streets who work their whole minds and beings off just to have something to eat at the same time to pay their school bills . . .

When I complain easily because I can't find my stuff, and accuse people that they hid them; then I see people who haven'tand will not see the wonderful world our Father had made, yet they don't accuse Him why He made them that way . . .

People like them makes me cherish my books more. They make me satisfied with everything there is to eat. They make me feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world for all I have to do is study and not work. And they have taught me to appreciate and look at the brighter side of life.
Thank you Father for I am what I am, and thank you for opening my eyes and making me satisfied with all I have.
Thank you Father for all the blessings and blessings in disguise. Thank you Father for making me appreciate what I have, though sometimes, I seek vanity, I know you will always lead me back.

All I can say is: Thank You Father!

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