My Photography: Road Trip

Last Friday we went to our province. But of course, before you get to any province you need to wait for hours. Hours of sitting. If you were me you'd read a book. Sadly, I wasn't able to do so. Because my books were at the post office and the post office here in Caloocan City is only open at Thursdays and Fridays (Unfair [totally unfair]). 

Good thing I have my Boredom Busters When You are in a Road Trip list, and my second buster is:

  1. Read 
  2. Take Pictures!
  3. Listen to music and sing!
  4. Bug your seatmate aka my brother.
  5. Sleep. 

I did take pictures! Enjoy! 

My mockingjay pin. (Left)

There was a wire in the middle which I have removed, to make it look better. (Right)

This one is my favorite. After I shot this and looked at the preview it looked like it was shot in another country (I think?)! (Left)

This one, looks like a forest from some fairy-tale! Do you agree? (Right)

My mom's favorite! (Left)

Gumamela flower! (Right)

 A closer look at the Gumamela! (Left)

 Look it's a snail! I've officially named himor herGary. (Right)

 A rose . . .  (Left)

This one is also one of my favorites. This picture somehow reminds me of Owl City's album cover: the Midsummer Station. (Left)

Do you have any inspirational or awesome caption to put in any of the pictures? 
Please comment below if you do!


  1. Awesome photos! What camera do you use?

    PS "Bug your seatmate aka my brother." HAHA.

    1. I use a bridge camera; it's in between a digital camera and an SLR! :)) My brother's lucky I didn't get to my 4th Buster! Haha!

    2. Ohh. I've actually never heard of that before! Haha!



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