My Photography: Bokeh

Hey everyone! Please take a look at my new "collection"This compilation is full of blurred or out-of-focused images . . . a.k.a. Bokeh (boh-kə, Japanese: [boke]).


Taken at a wake service. It's a lamp, obviously. (Right)

This one is taken at my dad's friend's garden. Relaxin'. (Left)

This one . . . uhm, I was inside a taxi cab, bored, because of the traffic; so I took pictures! And I like what I've came up with! (Right)

While I was bored and was staring at the streets through the cab's wet window I saw the street lights; and there you have it! (Left)

This one is my favorite, although I could not remember where I shot it. (Right) 

The last one is taken at a department store. It's a tree surrounded by sparkling lights. (Left)

 Turn disasters into wonderful masterpieces with 'the blur' (bokeh if you prefer).  

Camera model: Fuji FinePix s2990. All images belongs to the owner of this blog. Please do not steal my images ©  Thank you!


  1. The bokeh effect is one of my favorites. Your collection of bokeh photos are amazing! Really, really cool.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the wonderful compliment, ate Jemi!



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