After Every Rain

A rainbow is an arc the exhibits in concentric bands, the colors of the spectrum and that is formed opposite the sun by the refraction and reflection of the suns's rays in raindrops, sprays, or mist. 

          Rainbows are often forgotten but when seen, they are very appreciated. 

Rainbows were known a long time ago; in fact, the first rainbow recorded was thousands of years ago, in the time of Noah. Elohim had sent a rainbow as a promise to Noah, his wife, his sons, his sons' wives, and every living creature that He won't send a flood so great to destroy ALL humankind, again.

After the great flood, have you ever thought what they felt when another strong rain comes? Then, after the rain they see the Promise Elohim made with them? They must have felt very relieved and thankful when they see a rainbow after every rain!

Here in the Philippines numerous disasters had came; and most of them were floods. Some are probably thinking that Elohim had broken his promise, but he hasn't and never will. He hasn't broken the promise He made with Noah for the reason that the floods that He has allowed to come didn't destroy ALL humankind.
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I know that there's a scientific explanation to why a rainbow is produced, but whatever the explanation is, every rainbow is still a reminder that Adonai will never ever send a flood as worse as the one He has sent in the time of Noah.

So, when you see a rainbow after a rain, no matter how calamitous it was, stop and thank Elohim for his love and mercy are upon us. Even now!

Stay Safe!

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