Up In The Air

I have been away from the city for five days that's why I haven't posted anything. And left this blog nothing but dullness. But yesterday I have arrived! And in my return I'd like to show you images I've captured while I was in the airbus. Images of big, puffy, white, ice crystals . . . the clouds. להנות (enjoy)
GIF photo!
I feel like I'm in heaven when I look at the two! 
Spot the DC Photography sign.

See it?
Before take-off

Another GIF formatted image that I made!

Though I wish to be in the cloudsinstead of just watching the clouds . . . I believe that riding a plane is the first step to flying!

He tells the clouds to punish people.
Or he brings them to water his earth and show his love. 
 14 'Listen to me. 
      Stop and think about the wonderful things God does. 
 15 Do you know how he controls the clouds? 
      Do you understand how he makes his lightning flash? 
 16 Do you know how the clouds stay up in the sky?
    Do you understand the wonders of the One who has perfect knowledge?'” 
Job 37: 13-16

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