Big Tummy, Big Smile

He has a big tummy. He likes to eat. He said he looks like Budah. He gets happy, simply when his cravings are met. He couldn't walk that much anymore, and I am burdened because he might fall when I ain't around. His eyesight is out of focus, and it really bothers me, too. I just pray to God that He gives him the strength to endure everyday. 

His smile that reaches his eyes which he produces when you give delicious and tasty snacks simply makes my day. My mother, brother and I changes his PJ's, and bathes him for the reason that he can't do it by himself. 

Though he still has a sharp brain, and he thinks he can still do things by his own, his body can't. Don't get me wrong, though, he can still walk from the kitchen to his bedroom, he still can eat by himself and he can still do simple things by his own . . . but not that fast anymore.

Just yesterday, my brother and I bathed him. His smile when he feels refreshed satisfies me. When he says "Thank you," or "Thank you very big," simply changes my bad mood into wonderful. I serve him with my whole heart.

I am not bragging and not being proud. I am simply doing the most out of the time God has given us to be with him.

It ain't father's day, and also not grandfather's day. I am writing this because I feel like it, and to let everyone know that I extremely, and thoroughly love my Lolo (grandfather). My mother, brother and I are doing the best we can so in the end, we won't have any regrets. We won't say, "I should have followed his request. I should have spent more time to be with him . . . " 

I Love My Big . . . Lolo!

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