The King ♕

There's a King—a King with many names. A very forgiving, fair, loving, but jealous King. We are the King's servants and must do everything to please Him. 

Safe? Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. 

There's a book, and inside the book His laws and commandments are all there. If He gives us orders we should follow with our whole mind and being. Maybe you are thinking that it's easy . . . it's not. 

And because the loving I am loves us, He gives us tests—tests that will evaluate how much we trust, love and have faith in Him.

Some are hard and will really scrutinize our faith. I have been tested. A lot of times. I have failed, but I always do my incomparable to not fail my most beloved King. It's hard. Yes. 

One timea lot of times, actually—I was asked by a mutual servant of the Fair and most High to do  auxiliary work. Exhausted was I; I could easily refuse and say that it's not part of my activity. But, it is said in the law and commandments of the King that you do everything for Him and not for men. Simply, it means even though it's not my task, still, I should do it. After all it's  for the King; for His glory and honor.

Sometimes, I still fail and think that it's not my obligation because, I get ruled by my flesh and another king—a king that also has many names and has nothing in his mind except darkness. But still, we should not give in to his authority for all he offer's momentarily happiness. 

If we give in we should always ask the forgiving One to forgive us for we have give in to our flesh. And He will forgive. As long as it is from our hearts.

Our King is a very loving king, but, do not angry Him for He can be very dangerous. As I said.

Many will mock us for following the King but in the end He promises that we won't regret following Him. Stay strong.

I love my most forgiving, fair, loving King . . .{
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