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Hello there. 

Today, I am here to talk about the book that struck my heart so dearly.

The story is about a mother with an unconditional love for his son. Even through the son's adolescence, the mother remained calm and understanding. The title of the book is Love you Forever . . . My mom had read the book to my brother and I a lot of times. At first though I didn't get the story but liked the lullaby the mother always sings because of its catchy lyrics.
I love you forever as long as I'm living my baby you'll be 
As my mom often read the book to me, I slowly got the true and heartwarming meaning. When I got older and came to my own senses one day, I read the book myself and it really touched my heart (partly, it was because of the dramatic illustrations). Since then, until now, Love You Forever has been on my favorite list, and I have read books short and long, as long as they have illustrations: Manga Messiah Series & The Dopple Ganger Chronicles for example. 

And slowly I learnt how to appreciate books even without illustrations as long as they have applicable life lessons. 

Love You Forever has impacted me so because, I remember my parents having the same unconditional love for me (like the mother in the book). Thank you Lord for giving my parents the wisdom to be patient, loving and kind even when I get extremely irritating and disobedient. 

But now by God's grace and my parents' teachings, I am now a better person, and still getting better. 

And maybe when I get older and my parents oldest, I'll sing to them,  
I love you forever as long as I'm living my parents you'll be