Not so long ago, I've been longing to read a book. But it seems that I can't; and it's because I can't find solitude . . .

I've been longing for silence, but I can't find it inside our house, not even outside. I could hear dogs barking, loud musictelevisionsmotorcycles' engines roaring.

I couldn't stand it; so I searched for a quiet place. Searching here and there . . . I found none. I was hopeless, accepting the fact that I need to live with the noises around me. But the time when I was about to go backI found one,

I found myself standing on our roof. Our rusty roof. I still can hear some annoying sounds but the relaxing chirps of the birds are overpowering the irritating noises below.

So I went back to our house, grabbed a small chair, grabbed the book I want to read, my iPod, and my camera. Yes, I am writing this article on top of our house!

I can finally read peacefully.

After four hours of non-stop  reading, I noticed that the sun was going down. I still read until it was dark enough to not see a word.

To make my long story short, I finished the book. And my solitude experience was so amazing; to sit down read and enjoy your alone time is so . . . relaxing! Good thing it didn't rain. 

I even got my first photograph of a bird. 
Sorry if you can't see the bird!


  1. This article is so nice, Dan! Great Job! =)

  2. Thanks, thanks!!! That article was stuck in the attic for quite some time!

  3. Welcome,welcome! You made your theme?! It's so nice! Boarder, so nice! I love it so much, and the coulds, so nice! :) You're great na!



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