My Homework: Wet & Dry (Poem)

So, I was studying and I got a homework to do. And I have decided to post it here instead. Read the instruction below then, you can read what I did! Hope y'all like it!


Instruction: The Philippines has only two seasons, the dry and wet seasons. Compose a poem about either of this. 

Here it is! The poem I wrote without any supervision.

Everywhere is wet and isn't dry,
Because now it's raining but later it'll die.
Few turns of the moon after, now it's hot,
To a store I went, and there, an ice cream I bought.
If you may ask which I like more, 
I'll answer, "God made them, so both are welcome at my door."
I don't know if I broke any of the poem rules but, they rhyme! Right? What do you think about the poem? Please do comment and tell me what you think. A lot of thank you!


  1. It's a poem because it rhymes! Haha! (There ARE poems that don't, though.) But that's a nice one that you wrote, and I love those line...things. :D



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