Adventure in Reading

Reading is an adventure for the reason that it takes me to places. It has taken me 
to the past and future. 

     Reading has also taken me to Europe, America, New Zealand. Uhm, God's chosen land, Israel, JudahI saw God's Temple there—and other breathtaking locations that are still vivid on my mentality.
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      To make my adventure more enjoyable, intense, heart-stopping, I go to a place or room where I am companionless and the only lit up item is the book that I am reading.

       But it's not just that. You could also read while God's creation, the stupendously enormous, wonderfully bright and admirable sunlight is striking your book just
—perfectly! Or maybe you could read at a green, leafy, bushy, full of trees park; and while sitting on a swing or benchmm, I can smell the scentless but reposeful wind already.

      Such simple things, yet, it can make my reading experience realistic. Besides, car-rides, boat-rides—even plane-rides cannot take you to the past nor the future. Only books can; you just have to use your eyes, creative mentality and of courseyour fingertips . . .

When I read I just go out in the real world and enter a whole new world! 

How about you. Why do you like to read? Because you get out of this world, like me? Whatever it is I want to know!

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  1. reading is really an adventure! :))



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