Sin. You Liar. Ugh. I Didn't Know. PORK!

I want to hide. I have committed a sin. I want to hide from  God.  But I know He forgives sinners. And it's not my intention anyway. Someone just tricked me into eating pork. I confess all my sins. Sorry Lord! 


I am currently reading "The Tomorrow Code" by Brian Falkner. 
It's about three people receiving messages from the future. Well, it has a lot of science since it's a Sci-Fi Book. 
I am kinda getting bored, though. I don't like science. But it is nice; it's just my schedule that's why I don't have time to read it.


I haven't been eating anything special or Delicious. Nothing, really. But I would like to share that I have been convicted to not eat eat pork a long, long time ago; since in the Bible, it is said that it's an unclean food. Sadly, I ate pork today, May 30, 2012. Because my brother tricked me and told me that it was BEEF! Naive, I was. I didn't noticed that it was PORK! Lord forgive me . .  .


Just saw the music video of "Vision of Love" by Kris Allen and yeah, I like it.

Wondering, nothing much, actually.


Sad because I ate pork. Not sad, dismayed. Angry at myself (I guess) because I ate pork. 


A lot. I want to read, to study . . . 


I am trying to study without getting distracted. And tomorrow I will try to ride a bicycle! My cousin will teach me! 


Anticipating for the results from the competition I joined. Anticipating for The Dopple Ganger Chronicles: The Great Mogul Diamond by GP Taylor (it's a book). The release is this September!

What do you call what I just did? I personally don't know. 


  1. Hey! :) I just wanted to say that I don't think eating pork is a sin. :P It's not as healthy as vegetables, of course, but it's not bad to eat it. And it wasn't really your fault. Blame your brother! (Haha, I'm just kidding!) :P

    1. As I said, it is my personal conviction to not eat pork. And I haven't been eating for a long, long time!

      "And the pig, though it has a divided hoof, it does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you." ~Leviticus 11:7-8

      I know that it wasn't my fault. And yeah, I am blaming my brother for EVERYTHING! Muwahahah! I am just very sad that I ate pork. I mean, for a long time I haven't . . . I feel like I ate a dead rat. Seriously. :'(

    2. Don't be too hard on yourself, though! :)

      I agree with you that pork is unclean, meaning the actual meat and not in a traditional or religious way. Some passages in the Old Testament were sort of overwritten with what Jesus taught in the New Testament, like the parts about having priests and sacrifices, etc. But don't get me wrong; it IS a good thing for you not to eat pork. Good for you that you made that decision (which I should probably do too, haha).

  2. Yeah, I agree with Hannah, Dan, All of us do sin.. =) It's okay to eat pork.

    1. As I said, it's my personal conviction, :D



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