Movie Review: The Avengers

my cousins and I watched this a week ago! 

The Good: The story line is brilliant! I'm not a fan of Superhero movies but this one is a good one to watch; what I really like about the movie is it's super funny, like: They're all serious and then someone will crack a joke or someone will be sarcastic. 

The Bad: Actually nothing's bad about the movie; although, if you're watching it in 3D you'll be disappointed because personally, I didn't see any "eye popping" 3D, at all! I guess my standards are high when it comes to 3D, it's just not like "Despicable Me" or "Step Up 3".

My Review: I didn't see anything bad about the movie as I said earlier, knowing its genre. But if you're a fan of Action/Superhero movies you'll surely like it. I think?

On the first part I kind of didn't get story, but all of the movies start like that. Right? I really can't find any flaw, but I can't say it's perfect. I don't know, I haven't watch Captain America or Thor. Only Marvel fans will know if The Avengers is a great movie.

If I Could Change Three Things:

  1. I want "Eye Popping" 3D effects.
  2. I want "Eye Popping" 3D effects.
  3. I want "Eye Popping" 3D effects.

All in all the movie is great, if you're basing it on its genre, and if you're going to compare it with other Action/Superhero movies; but if you'll compare it with—I don't want to mention. 

Super Great movie! Again, based on its genre.

My Rating (Based on its genre): 4.5 ½


  1. The storyline wasn't the best, but it was pretty good. The effects and the characters were awesome. Tony Stark was hilarious! :)

  2. I don't no, but I think the storyline's pretty good not fast forwarded like some movies; and you're right, Tony Stark is a wisecracker! Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. Yeah, I agree on the eye popping effects, because I also watched it in 3D, but come on, its not that bad, it just needs a little more sharp visuals, but anyways, the story is brilliant, like, keeping the story for a lot of movies in (what I call) the after-credits (Captain america, thor etc.) It actually made everyone excited in how the storyline worked. The best part was, the director, directed neither any of the characters' previous movies, so he balanced each scene with everyone.



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