(April 30, 2012) April-icous

She's quirky, crazy, fun, kid at heart. Although she's kind of old to play outside our house or even inside she still plays. As I said 'kid at heart.' A very passionate and caring sister (sometimes). 

I can't remember how we met but ever since my brother, her, her sister and I always play. When we were kids she and her sister use barbies and my brother and I use action figures. We make their houses out of clay, wood or any thing, then we will see whose house looks more fancy and expensive. 

We play "pikit mata", you simply cover the it's eyes and the it will try to find us, it's like marco polo. We also play hide and seek around our house, they live upstairs and we live down. Our house has these doors that will lead you outside or in another one's house. That's why it's cool to play in our house.

What else, we play a lot especially during vacations with our other cousins and we always have a good time. Right now we still play "pikit mata" but seldom because we're too lazy and not that active, but we cook meals or desserts and other stuff especially now because it's summer and we don't have school. 

Anyways, Happy Birthday Ate Kaye! May God Bless you more and choose the choices God wants you to do.

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