Make The Most Out of It/My New Blog Button

Enough with the Hunger Games posts for a moment. 

 I use a laptop waiting for our computer to be fixed.   I need to make a new logo. I said to myself. Well, I can't make one because the editing software that I use is on our broken computer.  ‘But I can't do nothing.’ That only means one thing—I have to make the most out of what I have. ‘Let's see, what do we have here, Microsoft Word, MS Paint . . . MS Paint!’ 

 With MS Paint I have made a new logo for my site! It's not the best but I made the most out of what I have, right?

My new logo! Please look into your right and then look for the Grab My Button!’ Copy the link and post it on your blog! It'd mean a lot, lot, lot! If you have a blog button, I can put it on my blog too!

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