1 of 2 Our Trip: Off to Penaranda!

Here in the gasoline station near our house at exactly Quarter to One. The price of gasoline is much more expensive than the last time we went to one.

It's almost 1:00 am, and we're here on our first NLEX Toll Gate! I open a window on my side and stare at the cemented road that will be green pastures soon.

I'll miss the city. I'll be back tomorrow, though. Just being dramatic. *Laughs*
The smell of green pasture's going into my nostrils. The smell of wet green grass is so eye-opening, it wants me to grasp for morethe sweet smell of banana trees, other trees, the smell of cows’ waste and pig feeds; trees from left to right, the smell of smoke. And the radio station I'm listening to is getting choppy.

This could only mean one thing“Province…”

It's 1:37 am, and I'm about to shut my eyes close! But I am fighting my sleepiness.

2:15 am. Too fight the tiredness that I'm feeling, I listened to music, my brother still has the old songs we usually play way back 2009 - 2010. I'm going back to yesteryear! After our sound-trip I got tired. Really tired. My eyes shut, wandering into the land where anything can happen, 

Dreamland. . .

I can't remember what I dreamt of but in the middle of my journey in Dreamland, my earthly spirit heard and felt that the engine stopped. Immediately, my eyes are opened . . . still sleepy but anxious.

4:55 in the morning, we are here! Exact location, PeƱaranda, Nueva Ecija.
My father's hometown.

 Unpack, unpack!

 I'll be sleeping in this hard bed! The mat is made out of dried “buri leaves,” then it's woven diagonally to produce a design. It's called “Banig!” I admit, I miss sleeping in this kind of bed! Hard but comfy!

I'm used to sleeping everywhere, siting. standing, on the car, bus, floor. That's why sleeping here isn't a challenge for me. Some kids my age doesn't like to sleep in this kind of bed, though. 

I'm saying random things, I am probably tired.

5:38 in the morning

5:38 am. Editing this article, I can hear dogs barking, roosters crowing. It's not even dark anymore. The sun has probably risen. I mean, the sun has risen. I can already hear my grandmother, cooking, drinking, walking around the kitchen. I just remember that I still have to sleep.

While my siblings are wildly unconscious about what's happening in this world, I'm awake writing my first few hours about what happened today.I turn off the light, *yawn* close my eyes.


Watch out for part Two!
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