Hunger Games Twi-butes and more . . .

Watching The Hunger Games is such an unforgettable experience. Since I got out of the movie house until now, I've been thinking, tweeting and talking  all things Hunger Games. And because I'm a fan,’ it is normal to search for pictures, videos . . . it is also normal for a fan to copy their style or their poses, voices and to find friends that has the same likes like you do! 

Here are some pictures I made and found . . .

May the odds be ever in your favor! 
Change The Game! 
This is a picture I made!

I'm Peeta and you know it
Peeta has a phone? 
I also met a lot of Hunger Games fans when the Capitol re-tweeted my tweet! 

Click Here to see my tweet that got re-tweeted! 

But there's this two people I met and we started calling each other Twi-butes! I guess you know why we call each other twi-butes. @MiGco_02 and @marjostani are the two twi-butes I'm talking about! For two consecutive days, we've been talking Hunger Games! They're my new friends although we only met online. I feel like we've know each other! Maybe it's because we have the same likes! The Hunger Games Rocks!!! 

This is Dan Galman from District 6 signing out! I still have a meeting with some people from my district and 10! I am part of the rebel group . . . 

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