Movie Review: The Hunger Games

The Good: Everything is so nice! The casting, the place where they shot the games, the Capitol, I love the Capitol! The effects, etc…

The Bad: It's not that brutal compared to the book. And I think they shot to many scenes and they couldn't put all of them in one movie, that's why the movie is kind of fast forwarded.

I wanted to see more of Rue… sadly we didn't. And what happened to Madge, the daughter of the mayor from district 12, and the backstories? And the parts of Ocatvia, Venia, Flavius especially Cinna? In the book their parts were really specified; how they prep-up Katniss. 

The cameras used were kind of shaky too (but it's a very minor thing).

My Brother's Response (My brother hasn't read the book):
“Something's missing. I didn't understand and get the backstory of Katniss's father and I didn't get that her mother was depressed or discouraged.”

My Review: I love it! And I always will! I'd like to watch it again actually. Although I don't know if I will, I'll just buy a CD then!

Gary Ross's add-ons fit the movie perfectly; and the cut parts, it's ok, but it'd be better if they showed more scenes from Seam.

I want more Gale and Katniss on the woods, more Katniss and Madge, and more Katniss and Cinna! As I said earlier I am longing for more Rue and Katniss parts. How Katniss and Rue became so close.

If I could change three things: 
1. I'd like to see more parts from Seam. 
2. More Rue. 
3. More parts on the train and the Capitol. How Katniss was transformed by her prep team.

But when they entered the arena, LOVE! Everything was so intense, exciting and thrilling! How one by one tributes were killed!
The movie all-in-all is AMAZING! The cast! Haymitch is exactly how I pictured him!

The part where the tributes were representing their industries was so EPIC!!! Katniss and Peeta stood out! 

My Rating: 4.00 

On my Book Review of The Hunger Games Book One I mentioned that the part I really want to see on the movie was, when Katniss and Peeta's capes were on fire. And I must say I am not disappointed! Although I want to it to be longer...

Amazing! Astonishing! Much Love! The movie 
deserves all the good compliments!

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