(April 26, 2012) April-icous!

When I was a kid, my cousins and I scare each other, joke each other, and play active games on the streets. I play with one of my favorite cousins and my other cousins. A few years later since this particular cousin of mine and her brother's old enough to not play active games, so, we just watch scary, funny or any  movies in their house and talk about the things that catches our attentions. 

Another few years later she graduated and got a job, and we only see each other on weekends; So we just talk about the interesting stuff and things that has happen while we weren't together and while watching T.V. 

Since I too is getting busy, we no longer see each other . . . even on weekends. We only talk to each other using our hands and through the keyboard. That's why once a month or once every two months my busy cousins and I meet and bond; we watch movies, eat, etc. . . 

Time is really precious and you've got to spend it wisely. The last time I saw her was last month when we watched "The Hunger Games." I'll see her this Thursday til Friday because we have planned to watch "The Avengers" with our other cousins. Hurray! Though she lives literally behind us, our schedules doesn't meet.

I can't remember how we met, but I know for 13 years she's been one of my trustworthy, supporting, loving friend, "Excuse-in," aunt, tita and cousin. In the times when no one's there to keep me company, she's just a tweet away and she'll keep me company. Although we don't see each other often these days we will see each other soon. 

Let's see how well I know her
  1. Favorite Colour: Pink!
  2. Favorite Movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic? She has a lot. . 
  3. Favorite Cartoon Show: Phineas and Ferb!
  4. Favorite Sitcom: Zac & Cody and Lizzie Mcguire 
  5. Favorite Song: A lot but one is "Unwritten!"
  6. Quote in life: Live your life to the FULLEST! 
  7. Favorite Book: The Hunger Games, Memoirs of a Geisha, 5 people you'll meet in heaven?
  8. Favorite Food: Anything!  

But the reason why I am making this article is it's her birthday today, 26th, and this is the only present I can give her since I'm still studying and don't have a source of income, anyways, Happy Birthday to my prettiest, (Birthday mo eh! Kidding!) Tita and Excuse-in, Ate Apple!


Source: Google Images
God Bless, in your career and in  everything you do! 


  1. hi dan, as i was reading ur gift to ur best fren, excuse-in, april-icous, etc. i can't help but cry n smile at the same time, ur so good at describing in what u feel n ive enjoyed reading this. thank u.



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