My Kids' Choice Awards

Hello here! I want to share few people, movies,shows and songs I've voted!

  • My Favorite Reality Show... none other than American Idol! Who wouldn't like it! Right? 

  • My Favorite Cartoon is... Kung Fu Panda! I like the others (Spongebob Squarepants and Phineas and Ferb) too but if you've watched Kung Fu Panda 2, who can resist lovable and cute little Po?  

  • My Favorite Animated Movie is, yeah, of course! I like Puss in Boots too but I think it's too short.

  • Since I didn't vote for Puss in Boots, I'll vote Antonio Banderas for my Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie! I love the movie especially the twist at the end! 

  • Now, My Favorite Athlete is, Tim Tebow! Of course he's my fave because he was born here in the Philippines and he's a Christian. I personally don't like sports but Tim's an inspiration, same as Jeremy Lin

  • My Favorite Book is The Hunger Games! Go The Hunger Games! I made a review about it! 

  • My Favorite Male Singer. Bruno Mars! Although some of his songs are rude and inappropriate, I still like some of his songs and gees, Justin Bieber, Toby Keith (I barely know him), Usher!? Who will you pick? Of course Bruno Mars!

  • My Favorite Female Singer is Taylor Swift! I love Country Songs plus some of her songs are my favorite! Ours, Mean, Safe and Sound! She is a great singer! And although a lot of people hate her, she doesn't care because all of them are just, Mean!


Do you have any favorite? Leave a comment below!

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