Book Review: The Hunger Games

Ah, what a two day adventure has it been with Katniss Everdeen! Although that two days felt like a month! I know it's to late to make a review about The Hunger Games but, better late than never!

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The Good: The story is brilliant! I think no one can ever, ever think of the theme of the book.

The Bad: The book is kind of violent because the author clearly described how the contestants died in the story. But it's fine with me!

What I don't like: It isn't that straight-to-the-point. It's what I think. I like to see more of the action and the backstories.

My Rating: 4.5 ½

My Review: I really recommend tHG. Although I don't know if the story is appropriate for the little ones.

The way Suzanne Collins, the author wrote the story is truly amazing! Every paragraph I read, the pictures and scenes inside my head are very clear and genuine; I feel like I'm really in the story and only few writers can do that!

You can feel Katniss's hurts and her feelings. I personally sensed her when she and her family had nothing to eat.When she searched garbage cans to look for food but found none. Ugh, I really felt bad. Good thing Peeta surreptitiously gave her two pieces of slightly overcooked big bread.

Every end of a chapter is a cliffhanger, when you tell yourself, "After this chapter I'll go to bed." I'm sure you'll never get to sleep. Almost all of the genre is on the book, action, adventure, romance, etc...


Action: As I said earlier, the book is kind of brutal with all the killings. But I like it! I like how Suzanne wrote the action parts! I find it hard to explain or write down action parts of a story. But I don't know how the author does it!

Adventure: Obviously, it's the main genre of the book (correct me if I'm wrong.)

Romance: Peeta and Katniss. Everything seemed normal between the two until the time when Peeta confessed that he has a crush on Katniss. That moment changed everything. Peeta protected Katniss in every way he can. Their love for each other is I think the only way for both of them to survive! SPOILER!

This page certainly made me giddy!

I've said enough! For those who have not read the book I'm sorry for spoiling!

Once again I really recommend the Hunger Games, it's really nice for those people who's type of genre is adventure/romance.

The Movie:

I must say I'm kind of disappointed with the casting of Cinna, although Haymitch, Effie and Katniss, they're almost what I expected; especially Haymitch! But who cares with their minor mistake!

I can't wait for the movie! What I want to see is the part when Peeta and Katniss were wearing black suits and their capes on fire!
Can you see the blue fire Cinna's holding?



What do you want to see in the movie?

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