N.I.V. Bibles, "The New Generation Bibles"

Hmm, that was a nice start, "Salutations"!

(Felt like a writer when I typed the word "Salutations". 
I hardly use that word.)

Hello again, you are probably questioning yourself, what is NIV?
Well, 'NIV' means, New International Version. NIV Bibles are wonderful types of it.

I like reading NIV Bibles because, they are very easy to read, unlike other Bibles with 'Old English' text, they have complicated words which I barely know.

NIV Bibles are for the 'New Generation', who pretty much just want to read the Bible continuously, without opening their Dictionaries and search for some words.

Oops, I'm not saying that people who understand Bibles with 'Early English words' are old, what I'm trying to say is, NIV Bibles are more, uhm, hmm, it's more, 
"Child Friendly"!

While your kids are still young, don't force them to read Bibles with words that are complicated. They might get bored. Sooner, or later, they'll discover words on their own, and find them really helpful! Nowadays I really find 'Old English' words very applicable.

No offense to all the people who is against what I said. 
What I wrote is just my opinion.

This is my first article using my iPod touch!

What Bible do you use, and do you find it easy to read?
Leave a comment below, and I'll be sure to answer! 

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