My Quandary About Cameras, Resolved

My whole life I thought having a nice camera would make you good at taking photos. Well I know you have to be good at it too, but apparently, it's more than that.

Friday, January 3, I watched a modeling show and saw the models' pictures when they were still unedited. Somehow they were quite dimmed. 

(Note, the photographer was using an SLR camera that time.)

Twas' then I realized, that editing is a very essential process to make a photo stunning. 

"You can't have stunning photos without editing them, and you can be a great photographer with just a digital camera in-hand."

Sample of shots of Edited & Not Edited photos.

(c) DC Photography
(c) DC Photography 

"Not edited" (left)

"Edited" (right)

Click Here to see more 'Edited' and 'Not Edited' photos.

Are you an amateur photographer? I am too, tell m hows your experience so far.
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