Salt Shouldn't Lose Its Flavor.

In the time of Jesus, salt was very important for several reasons. 
First, it kept food from rotting. Meat, preserved with salt, would stay more fresh than without. 
Second; as to date, salt is used to bring flavor in our food. 
Lastly; salt was used for healing, applying salt to a wound would help it heal faster... 

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Jesus compared us to salt... 

We, believers, help preserve people from sin and destruction. Example, you have a friend, and your friend is tempted to sin but you urge your friend not to, with God's Word.

 We, believers, also bring flavor to life, by bringing joy and happiness in everything we do! 
we are God's instrument of bringing healing to people.
 When those who are hurting come to us, 
we are committed to share God's love to them. 
In doing so, 
we help people heal their emotional and spiritual wounds.


  1. each person has been called of God and has a purpose and a destiny in God's kingdom. It's time to give back the flavor of this nation!



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