Book Rview: Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

"Love You Forever" is a story of a mother that has an uncoditional love for her son.

The story is pretty much intriguing and eye-catching

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The mother is so patient and passionately caring for her son, even to the stage of his son's adolescence. 

In the story, we can see how the son  grows up, like the time when the mother's still in-control, into the stage when the kid gets so noisy, messy and irritating, and the adolescence stage.--The mother still remains so compassionate and so loving.

There's always a part in the night when the son is asleep, and her mother sneaks into his room, carries him, and sings him a wonderful, touching song.

When the son got heavy, and she's a-little-bit old, she still tries to carry her son and sing that one touching song...

"On the almost last part", when the little kid who throws wrist watches into their toilet, the improper and inappropriate teenager who goes inside their house with his really dirty and muddy shoes, the man who blabbers on the phone, turned into a young-adult, and have his own family--comes a scene when the father carrying his newly born daughter, and lullaby her with that one song his mother always sings.

"On the last part", the part where my heart was struck right in the lower vena cava, and couldn't breathe for a moment... 

The son who is now a father,  visits his moribund mother (based on the picture), carried her and sang to her that touching song... 

My Review:

I really recommend this children's book!
The book is one of my favorites, because the story is full of emotions and touching moments.

If you are a mother and thinking to buy this book, buy it!
Your kids will really feel the book, because it has wonderful illustrations your kids will enjoy.

Although I remember the time when I was still a little kid, and my mom read the book to me and my older sibling;
I really didn't get the story, I just loved the song.

Few turns of the moon after, or was it earth, our mom read the book to us "again". I got the story that time but didn't really absorb it.--and came the time when I read the story myself with ardor, and really absorbed the wonderful message. Since then, the book became my favorite...

Thank you Bestie for making me remember this book!

I made a review of this book because, I read an article of my friend about her fave children's book.
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