Have you ever noticed a strong family resemblance between a child and a parent, and you were surprised to discover that the child was adopted?
Even when families adopt a cross-cultural kid, family members can grow to resemble one another.     
This is because the similarity isn’t necessarily physical, but it’s behavioral.   

Families spend so much time together without realizing that they’ve adapted each other’s behavior

Source: Time Management

God's family is no different, as we spend time reading the Bible, we 
adapt the good characteristics God shows us.

(c) DC Photography

And because we have one God, there are some expressions and habits that we have in common.
For example, we start our prayers with the word “Lord”!

And every member of God's family should have a desire to bring peace.
The entire bible is one with peace.

Bringing peace is one hard thing to do, especially if you do not have the “Holy Spirit” in you.                                          

Good thing, we know the Lord, it’ll be easier for us to bring peace because God will teach us what to say and what to do for us to be able to bring peace!

For my blog today, I decided to make hand signs as my illustrations!

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