Moses, Joshua and Gideon

The three men I mentioned, are my fave leaders of Israel.

Moses was the first man God spoke to- to lead the Israelites out of slavery, and guide them to the "Promise Land".Although, Moses was living the life he wanted, he still chose to follow God.

Moses was the only person, (until now) that God showed himself to.

After forty years of traveling and leading the grumbling and mourning Israelites in the wilderness, Moses passed away at the age of a hundred and twenty years-old, and passed his duty to Joshua son of Nun.

It must have been hard for Joshua to lead the Israelites, but God was with him just like when God was with Moses.

When God handed the "Promise Land" to Joshua and the Israelites, God let them be successful.

Joshua and his army invaded one land after another, everyone was scared of them.

God was really in their presence.

They lived in peace and success for a lot of years, until the time when Joshua died.

 He lived for one hundred and ten years.

When the two leaders passed-away, no one was in charge of Israel.

All of Israel turned back and did wicked things against the Lord.

God was really mad at them and shed His fierce anger in all of Israel.--and came the time when the Israelites cried out to God for help.--God sent an angelic messenger and went to Joash's house, and spoke to his son Gideon.

Now, Gideon asked a sign from the messenger to make sure that he was the next leader of his tribe (or city or community.).

The "Angelic Messenger" left for a moment and returned, the messenger performed a miracle and disappeared. That was the sign that Gideon was the next "God chosen" leader.

The three are my favorite leaders, I enjoy reading their journey. Although sometimes I get bored reading the laws and other thingy's, but I really enjoy reading Exodus-Judges.

At first I put Gilead, instead of Gideon. Pardon me for my mistake.

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