Why do We Celebrate Christmas?

When my brother, my cousins, and I were still young, we watched our lolo (grandfather) setup the Christmas tree.
As we get older, we helped our lolo put the Christmas balls , and the garlands on the tree. 
And as we get older and older, our lolo would just sometimes watch us setup the Christmas tree.

Of course as we get older our lolo isn't getting any younger...

Yesterday, my lolo told me to setup the Christmas tree, because he could wash the leaves nor untangle the garlands anymore. My lolo just sat on his chair, was still trying to help me with the little stuff. My lolo and I setup the Christmas tree yesterday!

 I had a lot of fun yesterday, especially because I made my lolo happy!

Me washing the leaves

Our 15 year old Christmas tree!
My 82 year old lolo (grand father)!!!!

Always remember, Christmas isn’t about decorating your house with Christmas decors, how much you give, or how much you receive, or making people smile because its Christmas, but it’s about the birth of Jesus Christ! God sent His one and only Son for us, sinners! Even if you receive an iPhone 4S or an iPad, God’s gift of salvation is always the BEST!

Our 15 year old Christmas tree!



  1. Kumusta Ka, Dan! This is Ate Sarah (under a pen name). How've you been??

  2. Ok ako Sarah! Thanks for following me! :)



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