Discover What Talent God Has Given You!

If you feel down or low cause you think you aren't special, are useless, or are untalented... Always remember that in God's eyes you are very special!!!

Sometimes we're like butterflies, butterflies do not know that they have vibrant, colorful, wonderful wings, but we know they have.

likewise you don't know how special, and talented you are, but God knows we are!

If you want to know what talent God has given you, pray something like this.

Lord Jesus, whatever talent you are going to give me, I'm going to use it only to glorify your name! Amen!


  1. wooooh! I like this article!!

    Yeah it's not the ability nor the talents that you have, it is by having a true heart of worship and the commitment of being a true servant of the LORD.. God bless!



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