It's December 5

(You're probably thinking what's with this day)

My Photography. My blog was meant only for my photographs to be exposed, but seeing my old personal notebook filled with short stories and meeting other bloggers . . . I told myself that I should write. Stuff.

I created a different blog so I can write all the things that I want to, there, but ended up writing everything here (in my main blog).

I've been a period addict, a comma addict, a semi-colon addict and the most recent . . . an em-dash addict.

Besides the photography related posts, I posted articles to inspire at the beginning of my blogging journey, but alas I ran out of motivational articles to write. However, my adventure didn't stop there; after hunting for ideas for a couple of days . . . I found a new one—Book Reviewing! My reviewing of books went well but I realized that I wasn't ready to review books or even write (!) so I stopped.

But just a few days after I stopped writing I wrote a personal article. Since then, the articles I only post are only relating to my photography and some of my unforgettable experiences here on earth.

I still posted few book reviews and some inspirational articles and will probably post some more but in the mean time I will only post those articles I am comfortable with and not the ones beyond my capacity *Haha* because a lot of times I posted articles without sense and with a lot of mistakes—my mistakes won't fit into this article if I break it down.

Ah, I had so many moments here that I won't forget; most were wonderful but numerous of them were embarrassing. But either way I'm still thankful for this blog—that it has been part of my bio.

Thanks to everyone who tirelessly read every article I posted from those without sense and with a lot of typos and to the ones with sense. Thanks to the other bloggers whom I shared my blogging related questions, thoughts and worries and for answering them!

P.S. I know I haven't been posting lately and it's because I haven't gone outside. And outside is where I get most of my ideas.



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