So Fast!

Two months ago it was January. Fireworks coming out of the sky, some are  red, some are green, most of them are blue. It was a fun filled night. Until a sort of 'party crusher' came, and that fun filled start of the year party was over. God will take vengeance of that party crusher. You know what they say, Let go and Let God!

Live Your life
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A month ago, everyone was excited to buy overpriced roses, to make cards for their parents, fiances, loved ones. I didn't make any for my parents though; but my cousin's friend gave me one! Anyways that love day wasn't that special for me, I mean, every day should be love day. Right?

Source: we♥it

February 29, my Facebook's wall and my Twitter's timeline was flooded with unexpected greetings! In my mind I was thinking, "What's so special with this day of leaping?" *Laughs*

Am I sounding like a villain? I'm opposing every occasion I discuss!

Anyways, I'm really grateful that God has given us another year to enjoy! Although  challenges are always there, "Keep Calm And Pray!"

It's so nice to just stop and rethink the good moments that has happened to you and recall all of the problems and worries you have overcome...

Have a happy month!

I'll be posting part 3 of my 5 part series about friends!

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