Only Few Songs Put Me Into Tears ♥

It was a Saturday morning. I was strolling down, looking at "Status Updates" and other stuff on Facebook. Suddenly a particular post caught my eye, it was a music video of a song sung by He is We ft. Owl City. The title was "All About Us". So I played it. It's from Owl City. Who wouldn't take a look at it, right?

While watching it, I was like, okay, two people in love, blah blah.
But when you really focus you'll see that the message is more than that. 

On the first part, you'll see a girl sitting on a hospital bed (I didn't know why at first). Next you'll see the girl with her boyfriend spending time in the wilderness, dancing and telling stories. Afterwards you'll see them cleaning a car which ended up in wetting each other (As usual).

2:18 the girl was crying. I didn't notice her crying the first time I watched the video. Just now, I realized the reason why she was crying was because she had cancer. She was at the hospital anxiously waiting for the results.

At the end you'll see the couple on top of a mountain, looking at the horizon, waiting for sunset (I guess). Then the guy unexpectedly put a ring on his girlfriend's finger. After that, they embraced each other.

The End.

The ending was so dramatic, they hugged during sunset. I so love the cinematography, especially towards the end. Though  I can't explain how the view looked like, all I know is, it's amazing!

Knowing their love for each other, we have desired a happy ending. Seeing the girl on the wheelchair, and has no hair saddened me. It actually reminded me of the love story of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen in "UP!" the movie. They've been saving money to go to "Paradise Falls", and out of the blue, Ellie became weak and couldn't go to Paradise Falls anymore.Oops, I must end now before I tell the whole story of "UP!". Laughs.

Since I can't explain what the view looked like, might as well show it you!

Are there songs that makes you cry? 
Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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