iPod-o-graphy: Phoster


Today, I will show you photographs taken from my iPod. As much as possible I would like my iPodographs to be edited only on apps available for my iPod and not on desktop (so I can still completely say that they're iPodographs). The photos I'm about to show you are edited using Phoster one of my most-used-editing/photography-apps! 

Phoster has soooo many templates to choose from, from wedding magazines, to cook books, to photography magazines, to fashion magazines and some more random templates  . . . !

Photographed this while the light was striking the pool beautifully, I then positioned my iPod in front of the sun and slightly blurred the lens and there ya have it! (right)

The Blur and The City! (left)

Since the iPod takes noisy photos when it's dark, what I did was I applied a dusty-like effect that eliminates the noise at the same time creates something dramatic. (right)

The flower's originally white, I just scrolled the saturation to the maximum level to make it pink! (left)

If you really can't remove the noise . . .  just embrace it! (right)

Belated Happy New Year!

There you have it my iPodographs. I have a lot more but I still don't know what portfolio to put them.

All of the images are taken otherwise made by Dan Galman. Copyright.



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